Message from Ambassador

Happy New Year and my sincere regards to you all.

It is the second year of Reiwa era. The year started with uncertainty of the Middle East due to confrontational situation between USA and Iran. The international society has various challenges such as USA-North Korea relations, USA-China relations, Japan-South Korea relations, Brexit, Global Warming and Environmental Issues. Since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in July, I sincerely hope for peace in the world.

This is the fourth year since my embassy has opened. Also nearly two and half years has passed since my arrival in Mauritius. I am grateful to work in this peaceful country with mild climate and scenic landscape. I’m also delighted to work diligently to strengthen relationships and to increase interactions between Mauritius and Japan in politics, economics, economic cooperation, cultures and others.

Last August, the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 7) was successfully held in Yokohama with the kind attendance and contribution of The Honourable Mr. Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius. The Economic Development Board of Mauritius opened its office in Tokyo at the same time, therefore, we can expect growth and expansion of future bilateral economic relationships between Japan and Mauritius.

Based on these, I’d like to commit myself to the realization of new concrete ideas for growth and expansion of economic relationship between our two countries. Besides, for the Tokyo 2020 Games, Shizuoka city and Kakegawa city of Shizuoka Prefecture will host Mauritian athletes to support their training camp prior to the Olympic Games. Of course there will be interaction between the athletes and the people of both cities. In such year, I hope there will be more Japanese companies and travelers to visit Mauritius.

We will continue to provide information for safety of Japanese citizens in Mauritius. With kind support and cooperation of Japanese citizens in Mauritius, we will maximize our effort to strengthen friendship and goodwill between Japan and Mauritius in order to meet more expectations of Mauritians.

I appreciate your kind support and cooperation.
January 2020
KATO Yoshiharu
Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius