His Majesty the Emperor’s Birthday Reception

the opening of a cask of sake
Ambassador's speech
     On 27 February 2020, the National Day Reception was held at the residence of the Ambassador, to celebrate His Majesty the Emperor’s 60th birthday. 279 guests attended include, His Excellency Marie Cyril Eddy BOISSEZON, Vice President, the Honorable Pravind Kumar JUGNAUTH, Prime Minister, the Honorable Ivan COLLENDAVELOO, Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Energy and Public Utilities, the Honorable Nandcoomar BODHA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Members of Parliament, Government representatives, Ambassadors and other representatives of the diplomatic corps.
     Ambassador.KATO Yoshiharu welcomed guests. In his remarks, he highlighted the very good relationships between Japan and Mauritius in all areas.  He touched upon the cultural programs held by the Embassy such as Washoku Seminor, Japanese film festivals and Japanese music concert as well as willingness for further efforts to strengthen the relationships between both countries.
     The guests enjoyed Japanese dishes prepared by the Ambassador’s Chef as well as Japanese Sake, Wine and beer. The Embassy staff cooked Tempura and Yakitori in front of guests. Toyota Mauritius Co. Ltd and ABC Motors Co. Ltd also set up their booths for introducing their new models.
Tempura and Yakitori
Japanese sake
Toyota Mauritius Co.Ltd, ABC Motors Co.Ltd