Signing Ceremony of GGP/KUSANONE project: “The Project for Introducing Digital Mammography Equipment in Queen Elizabeth Hospital”(April 2, 2020)

Signed by Ambassador Kato and Mr. HEE HONG WYE, Island Chief Executive
Group photo with representatives of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and representatives of Rodrigues Regional Assembly
On 10th March 2020, the signing ceremony of the grant contract for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) was held at the residence of the Ambassador. The grant contract was signed by H. E. KATO Yoshiharu, Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius and Mr. J. D. P. H. T. HEE HONG WYE, Island Chief Executive of Rodrigues Regional Assembly in the presence of the Commissioner of Health, Mr. Simon-Pierre ROUSSETY and representatives of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Dr. S. RAMEN, Director of General Health Services and Dr. B. ORI, Director of Health Services (Curative).
Although breast cancer is the most common cancer among the female population of the Rodrigues, currently there is no mammography equipment on the island. Due to these circumstances, women of Rodrigues need to travel to Mauritius but many of them face difficulties with travel distance and long waiting period for an appointment.
Rodrigues Regional Assembly will receive a grant of approximately 3 million rupees (77,546 euros) and it will be used to equip a room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with digital mammography equipment for early breast cancer detection. The project will also provide training for the hospital staff in the use of equipment.
Upon completion of the project, not only more than 12,000 women in Rodrigues will benefit directly, but also the Regional Assembly will indirectly benefit from the project by easing the burden of medical travel cost to Mauritius.