JET Programme 2023 Application

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) programme position, ALT (Assistant Language Teachers) in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, is open for Mauritian nationals.

Application Deadline: Wednesday,15 March 2023

Please send the application and supplementary documents by post or bring them to:

Embassy of Japan in Mauritius
Level 6, Tower C, 1 Exchange Square
Wall Street, Ebene 72201

Please keep a scanned copy of your application documents as we may request it at the time of the interview.

-The position available this time is ALT only.
-After the first screening, selected candidates will be invited for interviews at the Embassy of Japan on 29 March 2023 (*provisional).
-Arrival date in Japan for the selected ALT is 6 August 2023.

ALT duties*:

(1) Assistance in projects related to international activities carried out by the Contracting Organisation (e.g. editing, translating and compiling publications into a foreign language; assisting in planning, designing and implementing international exchange programmes including international economic exchange programmes; assisting in hosting official guests from abroad and interpreting at various events, etc.).

(2) Assistance in language instruction of employees of the Contracting Organisation and local residents (see Note 2 in the Application Guidelines).

(3) Assistance with and participation in activities of local private groups or organisations engaging in international exchange.

(4) Assistance in exchange activities (including school visits) related to local residents' cross-cultural awareness and understanding as well as in supporting activities for foreign residents in Japan.

(5) Other duties as deemed necessary by the supervisor.

*ALT duties are carried out as specified by the supervisor at individual Contracting Organisations. The above-mentioned is a general outline of duties, so they may vary from one Contracting Organisation to another.

You can find more about the JET program, terms and condition, eligibility and other information in the application guideline.

Guidelines and application forms:
Application Guidelines
Application Form (Please fill in the relevant section for ALT only)
Application Form Chart Sheet
Self-Report Medical Condition
Statement of Physician (Supplementary document for the Self Report Medical Condition)

Official Website of JET Programme

For further information & question, please contact the Information and Cultural Section by email to: