“Sun Rises” Highlights 2《Piano Concert at Sugar Beach Resort》

Piano Performance
Group Photo
The second piano concert by internationally acclaimed Japanese composer-pianist Mr. HIRAI Motoki, was held at the Sugar Beach Resort in Wolmar on Saturday 27th August 2022.
The concert was co-organized by Sugar Beach Resort and it offered the audience the opportunity to discover not only classical masterpieces by composers including Vivaldi, Arne, Liszt and Albéniz, but also Japanese unique culture through his own works for piano solo such as ‘Tone Poems on Hyakunin-Isshu (one hundred poems by one hundred poets)’ composed in 2016.
The other event of “Sun Rises”, the exhibition of Hangiga woodblock prints by Mr. NAKAJIMA Tsuzen at the Caudan Arts Centre ends today, Tuesday 6th September 2022.