“Sun Rises” Highlights 3《Piano Concert at Residence of the Ambassador》

Piano Performance
The third of four piano concerts by internationally acclaimed Japanese composer-pianist Mr. HIRAI Motoki was held at the Residence of Mr. KAWAGUCHI Shuichiro, Ambassador of Japan to Mauritius, in Floréal on Monday 29th August 2022.
The concert, attended by members of the business sector of Mauritius, brought them to discover a Mauritius première of Mr. HIRAI’s own compositions including ‘Recollection No. 3’. Furthermore, classical masterpieces by composers including Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin were performed to great acclaim.
During the concert, twelve members of the Island Voices Choir under the direction of Katrine Cain performed two Japanese well-known songs; Nara-yama and Yurikago (Cradle Song), accompanied by Mr. HIRAI at the piano. Mr. HIRAI Kozaburo who is the grandfather of Mr. HIRAI Motoki, wrote music for Nara-yama and both lyrics and music for Yurikago.
Following the piano recital, the guests enjoyed a buffet of Japanese cuisine prepared by Ambassador KAWAGUCHI himself and Japanese Sake.