“Sun Rises” Highlights 5 《Exhibition of Hangiga Wood Block Print》

The Embassy organized a one-week exhibition of Hangiga Woodblock Print by Japanese artist Mr. NAKAJIMA Tsuzen in the exhibition room of the Caudan Arts Centre, the Playground, from the 31st August to the 6th September 2022.
‘Hangiga’ means “a drawing created by the carving and the grain texture of the woodblocks” and it is a method of block print established by Mr. NAKAJIMA Tsuzen himself. The method, which is very similar to ‘Ukiyo-e’ (Japanese traditional wood block prints), consists of drawing a rough copy, carving a design on woodblocks and printing to create unique pieces with vivid colours and a natural wood grain texture.
29 pieces of Hangiga were displayed at the exhibition. All of which are based on the artist’s memories of living in Tokyo, Japan since his childhood. The grain’s woody texture and translucent colours are unique as they can only be achieved through the method developed and used by the artist himself, rather than the traditional ways of woodblock prints or lithographs.
The exhibition concluded the two-week long Japanese cultural experience ‘Sun Rises’ event of piano concerts and Hangiga exhibition around Mauritius.
The theme ‘Sun Rises’ demonstrated that humanity will always shine again no matter what circumstance. We hope this event brought you into the scenery of Japan and provided an opportunity for mutual understanding between Mauritius and Japan.
The “Sun Rises” is co-organized with MOL (Mauritius) Ltd, Toyota (Mauritius) Ltd, ABC Automobile, Sugar Beach Resort, Purple Blue Medical Ltd and JKalachand.