Local media press tour “Introduction of Japan’s development cooperation contributing to the recovery of coastal ecosystem conditions following the MV Wakashio’s oil spill” (14 October 2022)

On Friday 14 October, a press tour for the local media was organised, with a total of 10 participants from three newspapers, one government press agency (GIS) and one television company (MBC). It was the first press tour conducted by the Embassy of Japan in Mauritius and was designed to strengthen the communication of information to the people of Mauritius on the actual situation and achievements of Japan's development cooperation.
This time, the focus was on Japan's efforts to restore the coastal ecosystem following the oil spill from the MV Wakashio in 2020.
Firstly, at the Blue Bay Marine Park Centre, Ambassador KAWAGUCHI and JICA experts briefed the press on the efforts being made to conserve the coastal ecosystem of south-east Mauritius from exogenous factors, including the grounding of the MV Wakashio, such as coral regeneration using a Coral Settlement Device (SCD) as well as seagrass restoration using dried loofahs. These activities are part of the technical cooperation “Project for the Development of Integrated Coastal Ecosystem Management System in the Republic of Mauritius” started this year.
Coral Reef
Brief about Coral by JICA Experts
Next, the press delegation visited the coral reefs in the area around the accident of the MV Wakashio on a glass boat, and were briefed that coral restoration is expected to be accelerated with the above-mentioned technical cooperation project to be implemented by Japan.
Mangrove Growing Area
Brief about Mangrove by JICA Experts
The press delegation then visited the mangrove growing areas around Pointe d'Esny (Ramsar site) and Rivière Creole, where they were briefed on mangrove ecology, monitoring activities and Japan's interest in the conservation of Mauritius' mangroves, which are one of the most precious in the world. 
Exchange Views between Ambassador and the Press
Group Phtoto
Finally, the press delegation exchanged views with the Ambassador and JICA experts at the Ambassador's residence on the conservation of the beautiful nature and ecosystem of Mauritius.
After the press tour, Japan's efforts were reported in various newspapers and on TV, which helped to deepen the understanding of the people of Mauritius about Japan's development cooperation projects.
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